The Nonsensical Sense

Hello my name is Finn and I am a 2020 high school graduate. I was born in 2001 in a small town in Texas named Roundrock. When I was three months old my family eventually moved to Washington State where I was homeschooled for roughly ten years. My dad’s work finally moved us up to Alaska where I plan to stay for a while. I have grown up really liking artists such as Yuri Shwedoff and my all time personal favorite Jakub Rozalski. I like to call my art style the nonsensical sense because I have found that my favorite genre of any art piece, movie, video game, or book falls under a category I have made for myself known as the no context zone, It is a zone where blends of absolute randomness work together almost seamlessly a form of unity per se. It really goes back to those long car rides as a kid where you used to look out and think what if there was just a giant walking alongside the car or what if all the clouds just turned to stone and just fell down from the sky, the most basic way that I can describe it is by taking a perfectly normal scene and adding something absolutely crazy to it or the other way around.